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Over the Sky...
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13th-Sep-2017 06:19 am - community update
hello members! I'm not sure if anyone is still around as it has been a long time since this community has been active (I myself have ceased being very active on livejournal so I apologize) but for anyone who has noticed I apologize that our layout fully functional - the site hosting our images became a paid site resulting in the images going down. I will relocate these images and the page will eventually look as it use to be for anyone still using this community :)
24th-Jul-2015 09:14 pm(no subject)
Hey Escafans! I recently finished a full rewatch of Escaflowne and today I posted a long and rambling post about it in my LJ. Feel free to take a look if you're interested! :)
20th-Oct-2014 07:58 pm(no subject)
Hey Escafans! I'm doing a huge declutter and I've decided to give away my Escaflowne Newtype Film Books. Pictures behind the cut:

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I'm not asking money for these because I just want to pass them on to a fellow Escaflowne fan! Let me know if you're interested in any of them, if you have any questions, or if I forgot to mention something obviously important.
24th-Sep-2014 02:45 pm - Escaflowne doujinshi sale
Hi everyone! I have a Kago no Tori 3 doujinshi by the ever-popular Takahashi Kanbanten for sale.

Details are in my page. Please post a message there if you want to get anything.

Come on in!
12th-Jan-2014 06:41 pm - Starting the year with a fanart dump
Happy 2014! *pokes community that looks a bit post-apocalyptic*... somebody still out there?

Maybe you remember my old entries about my currently very neglected Japanese fanart collection ... well, this time I bring my own stuff to the market, as we like to say.

If you need your Esca fix quite often like me, you probably have already seen them on Escaflowne.net Forums or deviantArt, where I will continue to upload my Escaflowne fanart regularly.

But in case you haven't, hope you enjoy!

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Title: The Black Dragon Prophesy, CHAPTER ONE: Vicious Streak
Characters: Dilandau, Dragonslayers, Dornkirk, Folken, OC
Rating: M (Violence, implied violence, moderate use of strong language)
Summary: AU, (Divergent TV Universe & Elements of Film) - Dornkirk seeks to throw down the White Dragon and bring his Ideal Future back into focus. Equalising imbalances is the only way, and Zaibach receives a prophesied answer from the Mystic Moon of its own. Explores Zaibach as a place, its society and characters in more detail, casting Dilandau and his Dragonslayers in a key role.

Notes/Author Drivel/Nonsense: Click to read my incessant natteringCollapse )

Hey guys,
I'm pretty new in this fandom on international base. ;)
So please treat me kindly.
A half year ago I began to read english fanfics and stuff and begged my friends in japan to buy me some dojinshis if they get their hand on some. Because I read they are very rare cause the fandom is not that active anymore.
So I got a Doji called 'last vision' by owl house's shiren suiki and I thought: YEAH! I saw this recommanded as one of the best dojis on the internet!!! Woop! JACKPOT!
But then... I'm trying very hard to translate the other dojis with my dictionary (old booktype not a good easy to use denshijisho) but I nearly got a breakdown seen on the pictures the story must be totally awesome... but... SO MUCH FUCKING TEXT!
So long speech short question: Is there any translation on this doji series out there? I don't need the picture but the the translation of the text. D:

Help me please?

Copied from ANN:
North American anime distributor FUNimation Entertainment announced at its panel at Otakon on Saturday that it will release Shinichiro Watanabe and Sunrise's Cowboy Bebop television anime series digitally and on Blu-ray Disc for the first time in North America. Funimation plans to release the series in 2014. Additionally, the company announced that it has licensed the following titles that Bandai Entertainment had previously licensed:

Outlaw Star
Escaflowne: The Movie
The Vision of Escaflowne
My-Otome 0~S.ifr~
My-Otome Zwei

Sunrise producer Masayuki Ozaki had revealed in May that the company was in talks with Sentai Filmworks and Funimation to distribute former Bandai Entertainment titles.

For those of us in the US, this is pretty good news. I think this will most likely mean a Blu-ray release of the TV series. The question is is whether they will release the Japanese BD version- which will have the deleted scenes from the first few episodes; or if they will get cut out again because they are not included in the Bandai dub/release.

Here's to hoping there will be a nice special edition.
We at the deviantArt EscaFans group would love it if anyone from here would vote for the May-July entries for the Fic'n'Pic contest!! If you do not have a deviantArt account, you may vote here in this journal as well!

Also, the prompt for Aug/Sept is Alternate Universe! Come on over and join the fun! Any and all media entries are accepted! Fanfiction, fanart, vids, cosplays, anything your imagination can create is welcome!

~*~ Rad
1st-May-2013 11:07 am(no subject)
I've just watched the episode of Escaflowne where they go to Palas and they're eating dinner with King Aston and he's all like, "Incidentally, ALLEN, it's said that being too beautiful is a sin, ALLEN, and some people at this table might want to sort their girly faces out, mentioning no names, ALLEN," and seriously, what is Allen supposed to do? He can't really help his face. I suppose he could grow a paeodophile-moustache ala Jude Law, but that's a lot to ask a dude just to prevent Astoria's princesses from following him around with starry eyes and damp panties.

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