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Over the Sky...

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Escaflowne Fans
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Welcome! This community for the Vision of Escaflowne (anime series/manga/movie), is a place for fans to share fan fiction, icons, discuss Escaflowne, etc. If you have any Escaflowne stuff that you want to sell, yes, you are allowed to try to do so here. Play nice.

Questions? Contact the Maintainer.

LINKS ~ Tsubasa no Kami ~ Escaflowne Compendium

RULES We have a rules post, once you have joined the community please read it to make sure that you aren't disobeying any rules.
Any advertisements must be Escaflowne related. If it is not Escaflowne related, obtain permission first or your post will be deleted.

LJ COMMS ~ heavenlyskies ~ esca_fanfiction

YUBIWA Because you flew away
The sky is unseen to me
Don't go, don't go, stay here
Run past the light and ascend to the sky

Community originally created by tomoyo_chan, currently maintained by O_lonelily.

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